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A different concert in Café Comercial

This present year 2019 has started in the best way for us: with lots of music! On January 14 we played in The London Music N1ghts cycle organized by La Fonoteca in the Café Comercial in Madrid, with the sponsorship of London No. 1 gin.

It was a different experience but very stimulating: the public could enjoy a snack during the evening and it was very close to us during the concert. For the occasion, we designed a program with the city of Madrid and the era of the Golden Twenties as a common thread. In this way, we performed works by Françaix, Haydn, Toldrà and Falla. Here you can see some pictures of the concert, taken by José S. Gutiérrez:

The program had a fantastic reception by the public and the present critics. Below you can read the two reviews that were published in Scherzo and Ritmo music magazines:

Review in Ritmo (Blanca Gutiérrez)

Review in Scherzo (Michael Thallium)